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Welcome to Moose Lodge 46
Moose Lodge 46 Congradulates Mooseheart 2014 Graduates
"Although life has been far from easy, I can at
least say I have been given more than enough
opportunities than needed to create my own. One
of the many opportunities that I have been given
and feel blessed to receive is the opportunity to
be able to attend college. Mooseheart has played
a big part in this by providing me with a place
where I can academically prepare myself and a
scholarship to help pay for it. Such chances are
too valuable to be wasted. I plan to not just use
these opportunities to help myself, but to pay it
forward. I would like to eventually be able to make
as big of a change in someone else's life like
Mooseheart has done for me and so many others.
In college I plan to major in athletic training. I want
to eventually start a career as an athletic/personal
trainer.In this way I will be able to help people
achieve their goals and chase their dreams, which
is something I feel is very important. Once I have
achieved this and am able to see how I have
helped others improve, I will truly feel a sense of
satisfaction and accomplishment."
                 Brandon Gadson,
          Mooseheart Class of 2014
"Although I was not aware at the time of my
arrival, Mooseheart was improving the skills of the
young adult in me by inserting me into a
community inhabited with many people from
different backgrounds. This diversity has taught
me that although we may all come from different
places, we all strive for happiness and success.
Making the decision to come to Mooseheart is
one that I value greatly. Mooseheart has taught
me to step outside of my comfort zone. My
experiences here have made me want to help
those around me reach their potential. I have
come to enjoy challenges: weakness is an
obstacle that everyone has. I plan to
acknowledge my weaknesses and continue on.
Attending Mooseheart has changed me as a
whole, teaching me that as long as I want
something and work hard for it, only then will I be

Rocio Sanchez,
          Mooseheart Class of 2014
"I have now been at Mooseheart for a little over
five years. I have changed a lot, but I do believe
that it has been for the better. I am now more
respectful, kind, and more concerned for those
around me. I know what behaviors are expected in
different settings and situations. I have also really
matured not just in my actions, but also in my
thoughts. Through my leadership roles in sports,
clubs, and Mooseheart's ROTC program, I have
acquired better people skills. After all the
opportunities given to me, I wish to give them back
by going into the U.S. Military.

After high school, I wish to attend Lewis University
of Romeoville, Illinois. Here, I wish to study Aviation
mechanics while going through their Air Force
ROTC program. I know that none of this would be
possible if it weren't for the love and care from
others. So, the best way to give back to those
individuals is to protect their liberties and other
freedoms. This, I pray, will be compensation
enough for all that has been given to me out of
love.Thank you for always being there for me."

            Christopher Schwartz,
          Mooseheart Class of 2014